Wednesday, May 12, 2010


6 May 2010


In the morning we explored the reasonably well preserved ruins of the Peake Telegraph Repeater Station. It was built to speed up communication between England and isolated Australia. Work was begun in 1870 and it was operation in 1871. It closed in 1891 when it was transferred to Oodnadatta.

The views through this smithy window to the back were good now that the back wall had crumbled.

In the distance we could see the copper smelter.

In the main building – office and residence an old bed stood in what must have been a bedroom.

A fireplace was on the other side of the room. There were fireplaces in nearly every room suggesting that it really got cold here during the winter evenings.

The house walls were partially intact.

The views from the mens mess were great.

Those living at Peake definitely did not lack a good view of the surrounds.

We made our way back onto the Oodnadatta Track. Between here and Oodnaddata we came across the worst part of a churned up track. Further up graders were at work fixing it up.

In places the lushness of the foliage made you question where you were.

Algebuckina Bridge was in its full glory with water flowing beneath it.

Before long we were at Oodnadatta just in time to catch the mail run and post the cards to the grandchildren. What a coincidence for them - the mail run was in an Oka truck. The younger grandchildren just love our Oka truck so I am sure they will be tickled pink to find out that their cards went on an Oka to get to them.

We felt as if another stage of the journey started from here as we were going on roads unknown and with no name. Just north of Oodnadatta we turned off towards Dalhouse Springs via Hamilton Station. The road via Pederka was closed. Alberga Creek was still flowing.

South of Hamilton Station the road was ike a highway. It had recently been graded and it was an interesting ride over crest after crest.

The fringes of Pederka Desert were in bloom.

Mustering was still in progress up this way.

As evening drew closer we found a lovely place to camp next to the Antikoolarrinna Water Hole.

As the sun set dinner was underway.

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