Thursday, May 13, 2010


10 May 2010


Amongst the pillars and mounds
Chambers Pillar can be found
Grand majestic and so tall
Nestled in sand dunes – not hard to fall
What a landmark from afar
A beacon to all from afar

What a record of our past
Too many stories of the past
Roll of honour of those who passed
Early traveller's record to show they had passed
Across the ancient lands
Over many dunes of sand

If the pillar could only talk
Maybe the castle will also talk
Of the tales of the ancient land
Of kinship laws broken in this land
Now as the sun sets it begins to glow
And time just continues to flow

We got up early to see the sun rise ofver the horizon and light up the the surrounding mounds

and pillar.

We then spent the day at Chambers Pillar. There are many faces to the pillar.

We went for walk to the pillar and up to its base.

There was a fabulous panoramic view from here of the area.

Many explorers have recorded there presence here.

The walk around the castle was on a track that was not so well worn. Spinifex crowns lined the path.

There appeared to be a kangaroo sculpted in the rock face.

A beautiful patch of green was so out of place with the rest of the surrounds.

The origins of the pillar – Itirkawara - and the castle – Yayurara - lie in the story of broken kinship rules. A fierce evil warrior chose to live with women forbidden to him under tribal law. When he sat doen to rest he turned into stone – the Pillar, whilst the girl crouching with shame turned away and became castle rock.

Sunset was beautiful at it slowly lit up the rocks and surrounding area.

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