Friday, May 14, 2010


11 May 2010


It was so nice to have a rest day yesterday . We are on our way again today but the distance is only short.

We retraced our track to Maryvale across dry creek beds.

No sign of the diesel tank cap. At Maryvale they had not seen it. So we will need to get another at Alice.

On our way out we met another Oka and, as Oka drivers do, we pulled up for a chat. We needed to pull over to let others through. The other Oka had a tour group so the chat was short but we would meet again at Rainbow Valley as they were going there in the afternoon.

We dropped in at Titjikala community arts and crafts gallery. They had some really nice wood pieces and beads.

Then onto Maryvale Road we went until the turn off to Hugh River Stock Route. Graders were at work here as welll. We followed the directions we were given. We turned off the stock route before the rail bridge to find ourselves on a private road alongside the new ghan rail track.

Undaunted we decided to proceed as it was not far to the next turnoff. We found Rainbow Valley track and headed in. When we saw the ranger we stopped. He was surprised to see us here as this part of the park is not accessible to the public. He was also surprised that we had come in on the route we had. So he directed us to the main part of the park accessible to the public.

We made our way over to the main part of the park. The Rainbow Valley is a stunning sandstone ridge that rises our of a clay pan. It is almost treeless with an abundance of spinifex bushes.

Many pictures show it reflected in water. However, there was no water here. The ridge is very rich in colours - iron rich reds, ochres, yellows, oranges and whites. The rest of the reserve is quite barren.

We met up with other travellers that were at Chambers Pillar. Then the Oka arrived with Leigh and his group of tourist. Whilst the group went on a walk Leigh and hubby had quite a chat.

Before long it was sunset and the ridge did lit up when the sun’s rays hit it. The ridge just glowed.

Another lovely day in the Australian bush.

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Skaiste said...

Beautiful pics of rainbow valley!