Thursday, May 13, 2010


 We got a laugh from the sign in the water next to the now non existent track.

The transmitter aerial supports were still in water.

As the sunset the views were spectacular.

We had come here for something called Molly’s Bash.  It happens every year, here at the edge of the Simpson Desert, on Mother’s Day weekend. People come when they can and  if they can for a working bee on the property followed by a bash on Saturday night to which everyone is invited.

As the evening set in everyone gathered around the blazing campfire a glass of wine or beer in hand. It was opportunity to meet new people as there were people here from all over Australia, the locals  as well as Alice Springs. Many had been to the bash before. Most had been here for several days participating in a working bee on the property. There were about 120 at the bash. We heard about when visiting an information centre – there was a picture of it from a previous year on a route map from south to north through the centre.  The large roaring fire kept us warm throughout the evening.

A tasty meal was served – corned beef, local roast beef, vegetables followed by desert.

Before and after the meal there was entertainment provided by Scotty Balfour from Alice and Bill Tyrell from Emerald. Susan from Victoria also read her poetry relating to Old Andado and Molly. It was a great night.

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