Friday, May 14, 2010


12 - 14 May 2010


What a night last night. Hubby woke up at night thinking he heard a car drive in. He thought it was a bit late for someone to arrive here at night and dozed off. A while later he woke again as the noise was stil continuing. He got up to see what it was. He soon realised it was coming out of our car. Somehow the radio had come on and as there was no signal it was making a crackly sound. He couldn’t figure out how it had come on. So after switching it off with the remote he came back to bed. In the morning we found a huge locust on the ipod. It must have hit the radio with some force and turned it on.

In the morning we went for a walk to Mushroom Rock.

Rainbow Valley from the side had some very interesting features.

There were several interesting faces sculpted into the rock by nature’s forces.

Mushroom Rock was very interesting. It had such different textures throughout the rock.

There were also nests on the roof cavity. We had a debate whether they were wasp or bird nests.

Finally the hubs were unlocked after many days as we were going to go on the main road up to Alice Springs.  So we are back in civilization and road trains were soon overtaking us.

It was not far to Alice and we were there at lunchtime. We stopped at the Caravan Park recommended by Leigh but it was full so we went on to Heavitree Gap Outback Lodge. CMCA members get a really good deal here. We paid $21 per night for a powered site. It is a reasonable caravan park.

The site is close to the Todd River at the base of West MacDonnell Ranges.

We settled in then went in search of a diesel tank cap. We couldn’t get one straight away but an order was sent to Perth. Hopefully it will be here by Friday.

Next stop was the information centre where we armed ourselves with compulsory reading and returned to the caravan park. We didn’t feel like cooking so we went to the adjacent Tavern for dinner. We tried emu, camel and kangaroo skewers. The emu was drowned in herbs. The camel was very tasty. The kangaroo we had tried before so was no surprise. There was a tour group at the next table. Whilst we were eating they were having a demonstration of australian reptiles – lizards and snakes. Not my cup of tea but at least we saw what the king brown and black snake looked like in this area.

The second day was washing and cleaning day. We have had an invited traveller with us since Adelaide – a Mouse! We have baited it with two different traps to no avail. So we totally emptied the car trying to find it. We found where it has been but there is no trace of it. We are not sure if it is still with us as we have not heard anything for the last couple days. I will still get some bait just in case it is still here. We first saw it in the front right hand dasher. So it could be anywhere.

In the evening we caught up with a couple we met at Old Andado. They had kindly offered to help us sort out some issues with our moving map on Oz Explorer as it kept defaulting every few minutes to the satelite version much to my frustration. We spent a couple of hours with them sorting out the problem and having a great chat.

On Friday I spent some time wandering through the galleries taking in the wonderful works of indigeneous art on display. I went to my favourite galleries and some new ones. At Peta Appleyard Gallery I was lucky to see Sarah Brown’s exhibition, Just around the corner that focused on central Australia, as it was the last day of the exhibition. The painings were fabulous and the the show was a sell out – all the works had been sold. Whilst I was enjoying myself in Alice's centre, hubby collected the new fuel cap and tinkered happily around the Oka. I then met hubby for lunch and after doing some shopping came back to relax at the campground.

By the way aren’t the garbage bins cool?!

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